This guide is for developers that want to work on and develop Airbotics. It's recommended to start by reading the overview first to familiarise yourself with the system at a high level first.


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Commit messages

We don't use structured commit messages (yet) and keep our commit messages short, simple and description in lowercase present tense. We'll probably change this over time.
  • adding magic feature
  • fixing that problem
  • making infrastructure go brrrr


We make use of jest for testing all ts components. Currently the repo is configured to run any file with a spec.ts extension. However all tests are and should be placed in /tests/<module>/<test>.spec.ts.

Running tests

You should be able to run all tests with npm test

Environment variables

We use the dotenv to read environment variables into the app. This reads from a .env file at the project's root directory. It should be populated with these variables:
PORT - port the express app listens on
NODE_ENV - mode to run the server in, 'production' or 'development'
POSTGRES_CONN_STR - connection string for postgres
AWS_REGION - aws region to use
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - aws access key id
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - aws secret acess key
AWS_LOCAL_ENDPOINT - local aws endpoint
AWS_ACM_PCA_ROOT_CA_ARN - arn of aws acm pca root ca
ORY_PROJECT_URL - url of ory project to be used for auth
ORY_ACCESS_TOKEN - valid ory PAC for admin calls
ORY_DEV_PWD - valid password of ory developer identity
ORY_DEV_IDENTIFIER - valid ory developer identity
ORY_SCHEMA_ID - schema ID used by ory to manage identities

Running the server

From the root directory run the below command.
npm run start

Creating a migration

npx prisma migrate dev --schema=./src/prisma/schema.prisma --name <name> --create-only


We use winston for logging.
Currently, logs are sent to the console and written to a log file in the config.LOGS_DIR directory with a filename of the datetime for when the server started.
Log levels and explantations:
To help developers understanding of the control flow.
Endpoint hit, db queries
General information about the application.
Dev, Prod
App started, db connected
Something unusual, but not unexpected has happened.
Dev, Prod
404, invalid request, expiry
Something that should not have happened has happened.
Dev, Prod
500 error
Log messages are lowercase without full stops.


All infrastructure for Airbotics can be run in containers (we tend to use Docker). You can bring up the entire stack with:
docker compose up