Groups are collections of robots that can be updated and managed together.
Group details.
Groups can have many uses cases depending on your application. For example:
  • A group of robots in a test facility / closed course for testing.
  • A group of robots that should receive Beta releases ahead of others.
  • A group of robots used only for demonstration purposes.
  • Group robot by site or customer.
  • Group robots by model or type.
Some considerations for working with groups:
  • Robots can belong to zero or multiplle groups.
  • A group can have zero or multiple robots in it.
  • Groups can optionally be given a description.

Adding a robot to a group

To add a robot to a group, navigate to the group detail page to which you want to add the robot, go to the robots tabs and click Add, select the robot from the dropdown list.
You cannot add a robot to a group from the robot detail page, you'll need to navigate to the group detail page and do it from there.
Adding a robot to a group.

Removing robots from a group

You can remove a robot from the robots tab on the group detail page. If you remove a robot from a group that has a rollout underway, the robot will still be included in the rollout.

Deleting a group

If you delete a group it will still show up in rollouts that have targetted it, but you won't be able to click through to see the group. If you delete a group that is the target of a rollout while it is underway, the rollout will still proceed to the robots that were in the group.