Images in Airbotics are full system images containing an operating system, drivers, application code and anything else your robot needs.
Image details.

Building images

Software images for Airbotics are built using Yocto. In theory other tools such as NixOS or Packer could be used but we don't currently have support for them.
Images are based on OSTree to provide incremental and atomic upgrades. They cannot be modified once they have been uploaded to Airbotics, to make a modification you'll need to build a new one.

Including meta-updater in your Yocto build

The source code for meta-updater can be found on GitHub, you'll need to clone it and add it to your bblayers.conf file.
After that you will want to change the distro in the conf/local.conf to poky-sota-systemd. You'll then need to include the build arguments listed in the next section.

Supported build arguments

You can modify the behaviour of meta-updater by specifying variables in the conf/local.conf file of your Yocto build.
The following build arguments for meta-updater are supported:
Absolute path to provisioning credentials, e.g. /home/user/path/to/
Type of hardware ID this image can be deployed to, e.g. nvidia-jetson, motor-controller-ecu
How often the agent should poll for updates in seconds, e.g 86400
Note: modifying other variables could break Airbotics.


Images are stored on Airbotics infrastructure hosted in the EU and are encrypted at rest.

Deleting images

Images cannot be deleted as of now, this is something we're working on.