API keys allow clients to authenticate with Airbotics over the REST API.

API keys should be kept secret.

Authorization scopes

When creating an API key you must specify which actions it is permitted to do within Airbotics by selecting one or more of the below permissions:

commands:writeSend/delete commands.- Send a command
- Delete a command
commands:readRead all commands.- List commands sent to any robot
robots:writeCreate/update/delete robots.- Create a robot
- Delete a robot
- Update a robot
robots:readList all robots and read details about them.- List all robots
- Get details about a robot
robots-compose-files:writeAdd/delete compose file from robots.- Put a compose file on a robot
- Remove a compose file from a robot
robots-compose-files:readRead compose files on robots- Read the compose file on a robot
compose-files:writeCreate/delete any compose file.- Create a compose file
- Delete a compose file
compose-file:readRead all compose files.- List all compose files
- Get details about a compose file
logs:writeConfigure logs collection- Enable/disable log collection
- Delete logs from any robot
logs:readRead configuration and logs.- Read log configuration
- Read logs from any robot
data:readRead data points and data streams.- Read streams from any robot
- Query data points from any robot
data:writeConfigure data collection- Create data stream
- Delete data stream
- Enabled/disable data collection


API keys are prefixed with aak_ (for Airbotics API key). You will see that tokens for robots are prefixed with art_ (for Airbotics Robot Token).