Airbotics is an API-first, open-source cloud robotics platform that works with ROS 2. With it, you can connect your robots to the cloud, send commands to them, collect data and logs from them, and deploy Docker containers - all through a simple API.

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What you can do with Airbotics

  • Build a web-based customer-facing portal.
  • Analyse data from robots in a Jupyter notebook.
  • Build a control panel for your robot.
  • Update your containers from your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Analyse logs to root cause issues.




Getting started

The quickest way to get started is with Airbotics Cloud - a hosted service running the latest version of Airbotics. Alternatively, you can run Airbotics locally or self-host it on your own infrastructure.

You will also need to run the agent on your robots. This is an open-source daemon that communicates between the cloud and the rest of your ROS system on your robots.

We recommend beginning with the quickstart guide to familiarise yourself with how Airbotics works, before building your own applications on top of the REST API.