All meaningful events produced by the agent on robots will be sent to Airbotics as for root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.
Robot telemetry.

Viewing telemetry

You can view telemetry events sent by a robot on the telemetry tab of the robot detail page. Each event will be associated to a single ECU and will show the time the event occurred on the device. The supported events are listed below:
Download started
The agent as begun downloading an image.
Download completed
The agent has successfully downloaded an image.
Download failed
The agent has unsuccessfully downloaded an image. This could be because of network interruption, storage space limitation, etc.
Installation started
The agent has started to install an image that has been successfully downloaded.
Installation applied
The agent has applied ian installation and is now awaiting a reboot to complete the installation.
Installation completed
The agent has successfully completed installing a downloaded image.
Installation failed
The agent has failed to complete installing a downloaded image.

Deleting telemetry

You can delete all telemetry associated with a single robot at the bottom the general tab of the robot detail page. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.
Delete robot telemetry.